About Us

The  Rector of St. Sebastian's by the Sea Episcopal Church in Melbourne Beach, Florida had for some time believed that St. Sebastian's was being led by God to be a parish focused on healing and restoration. As this idea was shared and prayerfully discussed with colleagues and friends in the healing ministry, it became apparent that a center for restoration would be the vehicle by which this could be accomplished. When apprised of the proposed center, Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida Bishop John W. Howe enthusiastically affirmed a center, suggesting the use of the term "restoration".     

   Co-founded by Renee' Koenig and Sharon Jones in 1999, The St. Francis Center for Restoration began as a center that provides tools to assist those of any Christian faith towards emotional and spiritual healing.  Currently the board of eight members includes two Episcopal priests (one of whom is published author),one Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, an ordained Episcopal deacon, two licensed professional counselors, a seminary professor, a retired physician, three Audire trained spiritual directors.  Some of our board members wear more than one hat.  The executive director of the Center is the Rev. Dr. Robert Bruckart, Director of Pastoral Care for Healthfirst Inc.     

   While the Saint Francis Center is based in the faith tradition of the Episcopal Church, our desire is to provide ministry to the entire Christian community and beyond. Many of our staff and advisory board members work in fields where respect for and support of other faith traditions is imperative (counselors, therapists, hospital chaplain, hospice workers).     

   On April 2nd, 2002 the center received its 501C3 designation as a non-profit organization. This allows us to receive contributions which are a tax deduction for those giving to the center. In 2014, we celebrated 15 years of ministry. Thanks to all who have supported us in attending our programs,  praying for us and for providing financial assistance. We have an entire volunteer staff of professionally trained people.  All donations are used to support our speakers and for associated costs with our ministry.     

   Our prayers are for an inclusive ministry which supports and encourages an individual's spirituality and faith background. We encourage Christian community by respect, inclusion, and focus on those beliefs which unite us. The richness of our diverse faith traditions can provide multifaceted opportunities for growth and insight. This center, under professional supervision, offers a variety of ministries and is a resource center for the parish of St. Sebastian's and other Christian communities in the area. Our desire is to be supportive of growth and restoration to all of God's people. We invite your inquiries into our programs. We continue to create new ministries promoting restoration and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. In 2003 we began offering CEU credits for some of our programs. In 2009 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of ministry to our community.